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Tops Knives “Spirit Hunter” Hunting Knife Review

As the name suggests, the spirit of the great Native American hunter is embodied in each knife, and many a warrior would have loved carrying the ”Spirit Hunter” into battle or the hunt. The Spirit Hunter Hunting Knife by Tops Knives implements a proven, easy to handle design that is perfect for the great outdoors.

Tops Spirit Hunter Fixed Blade Unsheathed

Overview of this Beauty

Similar to its larger cousins, the Tops Knives Spirit Hunter Hunting Knife is an exceptionally designed all-purpose hunting knife that has been crafted to perfection. Featuring a 4 ¼-inch clip point blade created from high carbon and 154cm stainless steel, the blade has a substantial Rockwell Hardness of 60. This is achieved through a proprietary differential hardening process that results in three distinct hardness zones within every blade.

Features of the Tops Knives Spirit Hunter

Thanks to its clip point design, the tip of each Spirit Hunter blade is tremendously close to the center line, keeping it perfectly positioned for increased control over the point of the knife and out of the way when skinning. The considerably wide blade works wonderfully for removing hides from a variety of game animals.

Perhaps most importantly, the blade of the Tops Knives Spirit Hunter Hunting Knife is made from the highly popular 154cm stainless steel. Yes, that right. The hunting knife features the same stainless steel that was first used as an alternative to 440C by Bob Loveless in his famed custom knife creations. 154cm stainless steel is extremely hard, containing 14 percent chromium, 1.05 percent carbon, four percent Molybdenum, and 0.5 percent Manganese, each of which increases the blade’s toughness and durability.

Although it is pretty, the large engravings that have been ground into the back of the blade is not particularly my style, but I certainly appreciate the fact that there is not much adornment, other than the appealing black and blue grip. The shape and materials used in the construction of the handle create a comfortable non-slip grip that is impervious to splitting, cracking, chipping, heat, and cold. When the perfectly curved and extremely hard blade is added to the mix, the Spirit Hunter is a solid overall hunting knife that is durable and gets the job done each and every time.

Tops Spirit Hunter Fixed Blade

The Spirit Hunter Handle and Sheath

The Tops Spirit Hunter Hunting Knife comes equipped with a sturdy leather sheath that provides easy access and can withstand years of abuse. Each Spirit Hunter comes standard with a right-handed sheath, so you will need to specify that you are a lefty if you need a left-handed sheath. I decided to get a Kydex model top-tier leather sheath in order to match the newer materials used in the construction of the Spirit Hunter, such as the black and blue G-10 handle. I typically consider myself a traditionalist and do not favor the latest and greatest knives with a variety of colors, but a friend of mine recently purchased a knife with a black and blue G-10 handle that caught my eye and was really comfortable. Interestingly enough, I discovered the Spirit Hunter less than one week later.

Rather than being brash, the design and colors of the handle are a refreshing change from the typical micarta or tack-black colors that dominate the hunting knife market. In addition to the Spirit Hunter’s aesthetic appeal, its colors contrast nicely against the colors of the wild, making it extremely easy to spot if you happen to lay it down.

Spirit Hunter Specifications:

• Blade length: 4 ¼ inches
• Total length: 9 ¾ inches
• Blade Thickness: 5/32 of an inch
• Blade material: 154cm RC 58-60
• Handle material: G-10
• Sheath material: leather

How the Spirit Hunter is Made

In an effort to relieve stress and permanently align the steel’s molecules, each Spirit Hunter blade is cryogenically frozen, creating a blade with a hard outer edge and softer center for strength and flexibility.

In terms of corrosion resistance, the Spirit Hunter comes coated with a specialized TAC epoxy polyester coating, which is baked on for optimal adhesion. Perhaps most surprising, the entire tang is fitted with micarta linen handle slabs and each knife comes with a durable leather sheath.

As far as hunting knives are concerned, the Spirit Hunter may not come with silver and nickel bolsters, an exotic wood handle, or a polished blade, but the knife utilizes a time-tested, highly-practical design that allows it to perform a variety of hunting-related tasks.

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Ways to Use the Spirit Hunter

Tops Knives designed and produced the Spirit Hunter to be one of today’s premier hunting knives. The hardened steel of the Spirit Hunter allows it to conquer nearly every hunting and survival task it faces. In fact, it is ideal for skinning, chopping, cutting, slicing, and performing a number of outdoor duties every hunter and outdoorsmen must frequently accomplish.

Spirit Hunter: A Trusted Hunting Knife of Choice

As stated earlier, I purchased my Spirit Hunter shortly after admiring the black and blue G-10 handle found on a similar knife. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the sharpness and quality of the Spirit Hunter blade as soon as it came out of the box. Since then, my Spirit Hunter has helped skin countless animals and stays securely and comfortably by my side on every hunting outing, regardless of whether I am hunting elk or turkeys. From skinning and fileting to slicing and chopping, the Spirit Hunter can do it all in nearly every situation.

…The knife utilizes a time-tested, highly-practical design that allows it to perform a variety of hunting-related tasks.

On a recent hunting and camping outing, I used my Spirit Hunter to cut rope, skin the hide of a 14-point buck, filet the venison, cut branches for fire, poke extra holes in the canvas tie down sections of the tent, and much more. I used to carry two knives, but thanks to the Spirit Hunter’s wide array of uses, hardened steel blade, and durability, I find myself taking only my Spirit Hunter much more often these days.


Like the rest of Top Knives products, the Spirit Hunter Hunting Knife comes with a generous lifetime warranty, providing every buyer with the assurance of knowing that their knife is guaranteed to withstand years of abuse while performing a variety of outdoor tasks. However, thanks to today’s technology and metallurgy, I doubt the warranty will ever need to be used as long as the knife is used for its intended purpose. At the same time, it’s nice to have a warranty just in case your Spirit Hunter ever needs to be repaired or replaced.

The Tops Knives Advantage

Tops Knives are specially designed tools that are built by numerous operators with years of military, martial arts, outdoor, and law enforcement experience. Consequently, Tops hunting knives are intelligently designed to perform a variety of functions for extreme assignments or everyday use, and the Spirit Hunter proudly carries the Tops Knives brand.

While the simplistic design of the Tops Knives Spirit Hunter may not provide fancy aesthetics, the sheer functionality of the popular hunting knife more than makes up for its lack of flamboyance. In addition to being constructed from high quality materials, the Spirit Hunter is specifically designed to tackle a variety of hunting tasks. Overall, the Spirit Hunter’s symphony of design components and superior craftsmanship has resulted in a knife that anyone would be proud to carry during any hunting excursion.

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