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Top Survival Sites

The community of survivalists online represents a knowledgeable group of preppers, outdoorsman, and enthusiasts who share a wealth of information all with the purpose of helping each other with one thing: human survival. Whether stranded outdoors or you find yourself in a complete government collapse, the best bet for thriving is educating and prepping yourself on both a small and large scale. Although most who blog on this subject aren’t bothered with graphic design and esthetics they make up for it with a deep understanding of subjects you wouldn’t think to read about. Here’s a sample of our favorites. Take a look, we know you’ll find something you like here!

Wilderness Survival Stories

Preparing for survival doesn’t have to be all about prepping or educating yourself on specific skills. Read through Wilderness Survival Stories numerous real-life stories from people who have been injured in the middle of the Appalachians or kids who think they are wiser than Mother Nature. Some of the best information comes from these all too real tales of people just like you making one wrong turn.

Nature Skills

Talk about a quality resources for skills you just can’t learn in a classroom. Aside from a layout that’s easy on the eyes, Nature Skills boasts endless articles and images showing you how to do everything from track a rabbit to tanning deer skins. It’s hard to pull yourself away once you start reading anything on this Nature focused site.

Survive Our Collapse

Equipped with a store, Survive Our Collapse is geared around economic, societal, and political fall with topics covering each area specifically. The information around economic independence and protecting your monetary stream really stands out as a unique resource. There’s a lot on here that you won’t find anywhere else!

Off Grid Survival

Off Grid Survival doesn’t just cover survival skill articles and prepper gear, they have an extensive News & Alerts section which covers recent events in the media and politics that every avid prepper should monitor. This site has a lot to offer that you should definitely check out.

Year Zero Survival

What really sets Year Zero Survival apart from its peers is the type of information it offers. It’s not all your run of the mill website but rather offers very specific techniques you wouldn’t even think of searching for. You’re guaranteed to leave this site with a higher IQ or at least a new use for an everyday household object.

Survival Joe’s Blog

With a name like Survival Joe you know this one will be good. Joe dives into news stories and information related to protecting yourself and your family from emergencies and ultimately a societal collapse. Lots of great information you don’t want to miss out on.

Beat The End

Browse this blog if you want to learn to survive anything. And we mean ANYTHING! One of the best parts of Beat The End is their product giveaways. Just by liking them on Facebook you can win valuable gear and supplies. You’re sure to add to your stockpile while you’re there and heck, why not enter the drawing for something free while you’re at it?


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