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This Is Why a Bug Out Bag Is So Important

Nowadays prepping isn’t just a trending hot topic but a reality that many people are starting to put time and energy into. We figure that you value your time like most people, so prepping the right way the first time is extremely important.

What is a Bug Out Bag?

Camelbak Bug Out BagIf you are interested in survival techniques and being prepared for natural disasters, you are probably already aware that you should have a 3-day supply of items in your home that will help see you through the worst.

That’s all well and good, but what happens in a situation where your home is right in the line of fire or you are asked to evacuate? You will still want to have a 72-hour stash of supplies, albeit in a scaled down version from what you might have in the basement of your home. That is where the bug out bag comes into play.

Essentially, a bug out bag is a pack that is filled with all the essentials that you need to see you through a 72-hour period. If that number seems a little random, it really isn’t, as that is the amount of time that the government believes would be required to get utilities and other services back on the grid after a natural disaster of some kind. Yes, sometimes it’s longer and other times it’s sooner, but generally, 3 days is the recommended amount of time that you should be prepared to be in survival mode.

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The Bag Itself is Not As Important As What’s Inside

Prepper Gear Laid OutAt this point you are probably wondering what types of items should be in your bug out bag, but it’s actually quite a tricky question to answer. There are of course essentials such as food, water, clean clothing, and first aid items that are an absolute must, but there are also things that would be unique to your situation. For example, if you take prescription medication or have allergies that need to be taken care of, you would have items in your bag that other people wouldn’t have in theirs.

You also need to take time to think about the specific types of disaster that are possible in your area, as that too can have an impact on what goes in the bag. Someone that lives in California and has earthquakes to deal with may have a different set of criteria than someone sitting smack bang in the middle of tornado alley. This is why you need to put some time and thought into what items you will place in your bag, as one small little thing may end up being the difference between life and death when you are placed in a survival situation.

Urban Survival Bug Out BagThere are a couple of different approaches you can take when putting together your own bug out bag. You can very easily purchase a bag that comes fully loaded with everything that you might need, after which you can add items as needed. Alternatively, you can create a list and build up your own bag from scratch. If doing that, make sure that you are heavy on the essentials and light on comfort items that you can very easily do without for a few days. Make the bag as easy to carry as possible and put it in a place where you can grab it and go on a moments notice.

What good are emergency prepped items if you can’t access them? Store it in a place where it won’t be blocked by furniture or difficult to get out in the extreme case that damage has affected your residence. Ideally it would be no more than 10 feet from where you sleep and easy to pull out and run with.

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