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Tops Spirit Hunger Fixed Blade Unsheathed

Tops Knives “Spirit Hunter” Hunting Knife Review

As the name suggests, the spirit of the great Native American hunter is embodied in each knife, and many a warrior would have loved carrying the ”Spirit Hunter” into battle or the hunt. The Spirit Hunter Hunting Knife by Tops Knives implements a proven, easy to handle design that is perfect for the great outdoors.

Overview of this Beauty

Similar to its larger cousins, the Tops Knives Spirit Hunter Hunting Knife is an exceptionally designed all-purpose hunting knife that has been crafted to perfection. Featuring a 4 ¼-inch clip point blade created from high carbon and 154cm stainless steel, the blade has a substantial Rockwell Hardness of 60. This is achieved through a proprietary differential hardening process that results in three distinct hardness zones within every blade.

Features of the Tops Knives Spirit Hunter

Thanks to its clip point design, the tip of each Spirit Hunter blade is tremendously close to the center line,…

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