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Reviews of the Best Kershaw Knives

We recently reviewed the top 4 survival EDC knives that we recommend for people on prowl to find what they need. Now we are going to step into the world of one of the finer companies to bring you hand held blades as one of the first manufacturers to introduce many industry standards of today. Kershaw built a name as a top award-winning brand. They introduced the idea of an interchangeable blade with their Blade Traders and were also the pioneer on many advanced materials which every other manufacturer uses today. These knives are the real deal, you can feel it from the very first time you pick it up. From the solid grip of the handle to the weight of the blade, you can’t ignore just how well-crafted Kershaw blades are. Not to mention the overall price point for which they sell, they are a real bargain penny for…

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ESEE 6 Survival Knife on Rock

A Look at the Top 4 Survival EDC Knives Review

EDC knives are a vital tool in many outdoor activities. In the case of survival knives, size doesn’t necessarily matter, it’s the blade and handle that make the biggest impact for user. However, on the flip side, it depends on what you need the survival knife to do. Many people like a fixed blade, rather than a folding blade, to meet their survival situations. The majority of survival blades are available in stainless steel, which is nearly indestructible and rust free in various weather conditions.

>>Click here to see prices, specs and reviewsHandleValueQualitySummaryPros: Durable, well-balanced, and an all around ass kicker, the ESEE-6 is a purchase you’ll be happy with.
Cons: Priced higher than most fixed blades in its class, but worth it.
>> Buy for $53 From Amazon

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