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Columbia River Knife and Tool 3080 Kommer Surf N Turf Folding Fillet Knife

Review of the Columbia River Knife and Tool 3080

There are all kinds of different fillet knives on the market, but a perfect combination of quality and affordability can be found with the Columbia River Knife and Tool 3080 Kommer Surf N Turf Folding Fillet Knife. Few things exist that a fisherman loves more than preparing his catch of the day when dinner time rolls around. There is something incredibly satisfying about putting together a campfire meal that consists of food you caught that day. In the case of fish, though, there is some work that needs to be done before that catch can be dropped into the pan. That is why most like to carry a fillet knife in their tool box, as that is the perfect tool to prep your catch for cooking.

A Fillet Knife That’s At Home In The Kitchen

The knife is the brainchild of

This Is Why a Bug Out Bag Is So Important

Nowadays prepping isn’t just a trending hot topic but a reality that many people are starting to put time and energy into. We figure that you value your time like most people, so prepping the right way the first time is extremely important.

What is a Bug Out Bag?

If you are interested in survival techniques and being prepared for natural disasters, you are probably already aware that you should have a 3-day supply of items in your home that will help see you through the worst.

That’s all well and good, but what happens in a situation where your home is right in the line of fire or you are asked to evacuate? You will still want to have a 72-hour stash of supplies, albeit in a scaled down version from what you might have in the basement of your home. That is where the bug out bag comes into play.


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Getting Started with Survival Preparations

Getting Started with Survival Preparations

At a time when there is a clear and present danger for nuclear war, terrorist attacks and weather related emergencies that threaten everyone within the Homeland, the idea of getting started now with your family survival preparations makes good sense. In fact, the old boy scout motto to be prepared is spot on in this day and age when both the government and economy is uncertain and possibly facing disaster. Are you ready when the country or the planet goes to hell in a hand-basket?

Another aspect of survival preparations is linked to having a real plan when real life disasters hit the fan, with many people left wondering “what should I do?” In turn, the best advice is to start a plan now by collecting and organizing the supplies and other resources you will need when the power goes out and the stores are on lock down. Also, a Navy…

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Road Damaged By an Earthquake

Earthquake Survival Tips

So you are doing your usual. You wake up, feed your dog, fix yourself some coffee, and read the newspaper. What you would call a “day in the life of you” sort of thing.

All of a sudden, your coffee cup starts to shake like maracas at a salsa concert. Pictures are skydiving to the floor and your poor dog does not know what to do.

A Big One Hits!

These can be very frightening and something that cannot really be predicted. Scientists have been studying for years attempting to do so but it can’t be predicted by weather.

Although things could get bad, you could always learn a few things to prepare yourself before an earthquake. Allow me to go through a few things so that the next time your area starts to shake like a cellphone on vibrate you will be ready.

All of a sudden, your coffee cup starts to shake like…

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Outdoor For

Crucial Outdoor Survival Tips That Could Save Your Life

Survival tips are a simple necessity that only come in handy when you find yourself in emergency situations. What would you do if suddenly you were cut off from communication and had only nature to support yourself. That’s why these survival tips should not be ignored and are usually only practiced by avid preppers. When you least expect it you will be in a situation that is a fight for life and death. Don’t take these warnings lightly. Do not venture out far from civilation without at least a basic knowledge on how to survive in an emergency! There are countless stories of people who are out enjoying nature one moment when things suddenly took a turn for the worst leaving them fighting for survival. Remember, there have been quit a few people who barely made it through or did not survive at all.

There are no exceptions in nature, it…

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Using Your Knife for Batoning: A Simple Guide

Using Your Knife for Batoning: A Simple Guide

Whether faced with an emergency or just on your latest outdoor adventure, expanding knowledge crucial to your survival will never be a waste of effort. Batoning is a great technique to learn for any outdoorsman. The mistake most people make is that they assume they can just “cross that bridge when they get there.”

Yet, it’s also important to know these techniques and really understand how to perform them properly before the situation presents itself. By doing so, you can save time as well as abundant reserves of energy which you may need you to pull from during subsequent tasks. Trial and error is not always the best format in which to learn new outdoor skills especially when yours or someone else’s life really depends on your understanding of it, and this certainly applies to batoning.

A simple description of batoning is a survival technique in which an individual uses a strong…

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