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A Knife Owner's Definition of an EDC Knife

A Knife Owner’s Definition of an EDC Knife

Sharp tools have been utilized since the beginning of time by man in early civilizations for survival and practicality and are still much appreciated today. Instead of needing it for daily hunting of game and building your shelter, you’ll more than likely be using it as an outdoorsman and using your knife in the field or maybe a set of quality butcher knives in your kitchen. There is a quiet fascination with the practicality and protection that knives offer. Hailed as the weapon of choice in many action movies, EDC knives have a wide range of functions from being collector’s items, to performing everyday tasks such as opening boxes and letters, to pure survival functions. Whatever your reason for owning a knife, you are sure to walk away with a greater appreciation of your tool, after reading this.

So what exactly is an EDC Knife?

An EDC, or every day carrying knife…

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Crucial Outdoor Survival Tips That Could Save Your Life

Survival tips are a simple necessity that only come in handy when you find yourself in emergency situations. What would you do if suddenly you were cut off from communication and had only nature to support yourself. That’s why these survival tips should not be ignored and are usually only practiced by avid preppers. When you least expect it you will be in a situation that is a fight for life and death. Don’t take these warnings lightly. Do not venture out far from civilation without at least a basic knowledge on how to survive in an emergency! There are countless stories of people who are out enjoying nature one moment when things suddenly took a turn for the worst leaving them fighting for survival. Remember, there have been quit a few people who barely made it through or did not survive at all.

There are no exceptions in nature, it…

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Using Your Knife for Batoning: A Simple Guide

Using Your Knife for Batoning: A Simple Guide

Whether faced with an emergency or just on your latest outdoor adventure, expanding knowledge crucial to your survival will never be a waste of effort. Batoning is a great technique to learn for any outdoorsman. The mistake most people make is that they assume they can just “cross that bridge when they get there.”

Yet, it’s also important to know these techniques and really understand how to perform them properly before the situation presents itself. By doing so, you can save time as well as abundant reserves of energy which you may need you to pull from during subsequent tasks. Trial and error is not always the best format in which to learn new outdoor skills especially when yours or someone else’s life really depends on your understanding of it, and this certainly applies to batoning.

A simple description of batoning is a survival technique in which an individual uses a strong…

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