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Kabar Becker BK2 Knife

Review of The Kabar Becker BK2 Knife

You can almost guarantee that any outdoorsman will have a variety of different knives that have been designed to do very different tasks. Some knives are more adept at handling smaller, menial camping or hunting tasks, while others are designed to do the “heavy lifting” that only a certain type of knife can deliver. The Kabar Becker BK2 Campanion knife tries to fit somewhere in the middle, as this is a smaller knife that is probably going to be a little heavier in your hand than you might have expected. That feeling of weight may well be enough to give you the confidence to use it to tackle some of the heavier chores.

The Construction

The Kabar Becker BK2 has certainly been designed to be able to take on bigger tasks. The first thing that you notice when you pick up this knife is the weight. It is certainly a little heftier…

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A Knife Owner's Definition of an EDC Knife

A Knife Owner’s Definition of an EDC Knife

Sharp tools have been utilized since the beginning of time by man in early civilizations for survival and practicality and are still much appreciated today. Instead of needing it for daily hunting of game and building your shelter, you’ll more than likely be using it as an outdoorsman and using your knife in the field or maybe a set of quality butcher knives in your kitchen. There is a quiet fascination with the practicality and protection that knives offer. Hailed as the weapon of choice in many action movies, EDC knives have a wide range of functions from being collector’s items, to performing everyday tasks such as opening boxes and letters, to pure survival functions. Whatever your reason for owning a knife, you are sure to walk away with a greater appreciation of your tool, after reading this.

So what exactly is an EDC Knife?

An EDC, or every day carrying knife…

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Kabar Full Size Marine Corps-Fixed Blade

Our Kabar Full-Size US Marine Corps Fighting Knife Review

If you are reading this, you may already be familiar with KA-BAR knives and their rich history of time-tested reliability, ability to handle a variety of daily chores, and unquestionable lethal efficiency in a number of combat situations. If you’re looking for a knife that can practically do it all while lasting for years, the Kabar Full Size US Marine Corps Fighting Knife may be the perfect knife for you.

History of the Kabar Full Size Fighting Knife

The original Kabar Full Size Fighting knife was produced for marines nearly 80 years ago during World War II. In dire need of a sturdy and dependable knife with a razor sharp edge, the troops found these features and more in the Kabar Marine Corps Knife as it gave them the upper hand in the close combat situations they often found themselves in. It wasn’t long before the knife’s popularity spread. Today, the Marine…

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