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Getting Started with Survival Preparations

Getting Started with Survival Preparations

At a time when there is a clear and present danger for nuclear war, terrorist attacks and weather related emergencies that threaten everyone within the Homeland, the idea of getting started now with your family survival preparations makes good sense. In fact, the old boy scout motto to be prepared is spot on in this day and age when both the government and economy is uncertain and possibly facing disaster. Are you ready when the country or the planet goes to hell in a hand-basket?

Another aspect of survival preparations is linked to having a real plan when real life disasters hit the fan, with many people left wondering “what should I do?” In turn, the best advice is to start a plan now by collecting and organizing the supplies and other resources you will need when the power goes out and the stores are on lock down. Also, a Navy…

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Road Damaged By an Earthquake

Earthquake Survival Tips

So you are doing your usual. You wake up, feed your dog, fix yourself some coffee, and read the newspaper. What you would call a “day in the life of you” sort of thing.

All of a sudden, your coffee cup starts to shake like maracas at a salsa concert. Pictures are skydiving to the floor and your poor dog does not know what to do.

A Big One Hits!

These can be very frightening and something that cannot really be predicted. Scientists have been studying for years attempting to do so but it can’t be predicted by weather.

Although things could get bad, you could always learn a few things to prepare yourself before an earthquake. Allow me to go through a few things so that the next time your area starts to shake like a cellphone on vibrate you will be ready.

All of a sudden, your coffee cup starts to shake like…

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