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Our Kabar Full-Size US Marine Corps Fighting Knife Review

If you are reading this, you may already be familiar with KA-BAR knives and their rich history of time-tested reliability, ability to handle a variety of daily chores, and unquestionable lethal efficiency in a number of combat situations. If you’re looking for a knife that can practically do it all while lasting for years, the Kabar Full Size US Marine Corps Fighting Knife may be the perfect knife for you.

Kabar Full Size Marine Corps-Fixed Blade

History of the Kabar Full Size Fighting Knife

The original Kabar Full Size Fighting knife was produced for marines nearly 80 years ago during World War II. In dire need of a sturdy and dependable knife with a razor sharp edge, the troops found these features and more in the Kabar Marine Corps Knife as it gave them the upper hand in the close combat situations they often found themselves in. It wasn’t long before the knife’s popularity spread. Today, the Marine Corps Fighting Knife lives up to its storied history by remaining one of the most popular and esteemed knives on the market.

About This US Marine Corps Knife

As a subsidiary of the Alcas Corporation, Kabar Knives has been known for producing the highest quality military, camping, sporting, hunting, and all-purpose utility knives on the market for decades. Thus, anything you may have heard about Kabar’s legendary blades is more than likely true.

The pattern of the Marine Corps Fighting Knife is identical to the ones carried by troops in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam as well as the current versions constantly being used by American troops serving in Afghanistan, Iraq, and several other locations throughout the world.

As such, the knife has an array of quality features worth much more than the price tag would have you believe. Made from exceptional quality steel, the blade of this fighting knife can easily take and hold a shaving edge. The blade can also be easily re-sharpened with minimal effort while out in the field. I prefer to use a ceramic rod sharpener for mine, and I am able to get a razor sharp edge with only a handful of passes.

The stacked leather handle not only gives the knife a timeless look and feel, but it provides excellent grip as well, perfectly balancing out the knife. The shape of the knife is as good as it gets. With an extremely sharp point, a perfect curve, and a lengthy straight portion, the Full Size Knife is the ideal tool for skinning, slicing, dressing, and everything else that one would expect from a knife of this caliber. The sufficient heft of the knife also makes chopping, thrusting, and slashing as easy as can be if you find yourself camping or in a combat situation.

Kabar Full Size Marine Corps Fighting Knife Serrated

Noted Features of This Classic Knife

• 1095 Cro-Van steel
• 7″ Straight Edge Blade
• Leather handle
• Made in the USA
• Most famous fixed blade design

Specs of This Signature Fixed Blade

The uniqueness of the Kabar Full Size US Marine Corps Fighting Knife is largely attributed to its materials and design. Weighing only 0.70 pounds, the knife features a seven inch 1095 Cro-Van blade and has an overall length of 11 7/8 inches. It also features a flat grind, 20 degree edge angle, leather handle, clip, and a USMC stamp, honoring the brave marines who have sported the knife for nearly a century.

Kabar US Marine Corps Fighting Knife on Table

How the Kabar Marine Corps Staple is Made

Every Kabar Marine Corps knife is made by experienced craftsmen who perform each process with skill and precision. Each Kabar knife undergoes detailed manufacturing processes to ensure that it is strong, corrosion resistant, and is able to hold its razor-sharp edge. Some of the manufacturing processes that are used by Kabar to produce high-quality knives include:

• Heat Treating – Kabar uses a three-step heating process that takes one hour to complete for each of its stainless steel blades.

• Cryogenic Freezing – As the second step in the three-step heat treating process, each stainless steel blade is cryogenically frozen to -120 degrees for optimized blade performance.

• Tempering – This final stage in the three-step heat treating process involves each blade being tempered in a walk-in oven for seven hours to enhance the toughness and durability of the steel.

• Grinding – The US Marine Corps Fighting Knife features a flat-ground blade, making it perfect for a variety of jobs that require lateral stress.

• Leather Handle Compression – Kabar accomplishes the knife’s famous leather handle construction by compressing leather onto the tang, shaping it, coloring it, and fastening the leather on with a butt cap that is pinned on.

• Inspection – Every Kabar Marine Corps knife is subjected to numerous inspections before it is released onto the market.

Kabar Full Size Marine Corps Fighting Knife Leather Sheath

What You Get in the Manufacturer’s Warranty

Every Kabar Full Size Knife is warrantied to be free from material and craftsmanship defects under normal usage conditions. Each knife also comes with free maintenance for life. If the knife does not satisfy its warranty, Kabar will repair or replace the knife, ensuring that each customer has a knife that will last a lifetime.

The Story of My Kabar Marine Corps Fighting Knife

The year was 1969, and I was about to head to Fort Bragg for training before shipping out to Vietnam. Before I left, my father handed me his Kabar Marine Corps knife that he used to fend off Axis troops during WWII. A man of few words, he simply handed me his prized possession and told me it would provide me with the same protection it provided him. Needless to say, the knife became my best friend throughout my tour in Vietnam, saving my neck on more than one occasion.

I still have the original, but it is good to know that Kabar is manufacturing these iconic knives to the same specs as the originals. My fighting days may be over, but the knife comes in handy during many of my summer camping trips and around the house the rest of the year.

Kabar Full Size US Marine Corps Fighting Knife Serrated Backside

Why Choose This? How About Why Not.

Although there are different configurations and blade sizes in the Kabar lineup, some of which feature a semi-Tanto point and partial serrations, the original style of the Kabar Full Size US Marine Corps Fighting Knife provides every user with the reliability and confidence they need to tackle any situation. There are more appealing, exotic, and unique knives on the market, but for the money, this blade is an all-purpose combat knife that will never let you down.

If you perform a basic search online, you will find the Kabar Marine Corps Fighting Knife atop the leaderboards time and time again. In fact, the knife has received more top reviews than any other type of knife for decades, making it an obvious choice for anyone seeking a quality combat or camping knife that will perform time and time again.

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