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My In Depth Review of the SOG Creed

It might go without saying that a fixed blade knife is good to have around. However, the Creed by SOG is without a doubt, one knife that demands attention and is certain not to go unnoticed whenever one is displayed. The shape of the blade is among the more striking expressions of knife-making that have come from SOG.

This is a very stout knife, constructed with the strength needed for penetrating and cutting, even when used in the most extreme wilds. The Tech Bowie type handle will deliver a very firm and steady grip even in inclement weather, with a combination of a raised surface texture and finger indentations produced to just the right amount of depth along the handle.

SOG Fixed Blade Creed

Where the SOG Creed Really Shines

This is a great all-purpose knife that is perfect for hunting, fishing, backpacking or self-defense. It truly is an intimidating and impressive looking blade. The blade is very similar to a mix between a Bowie knife and a Machete blade, with full tang construction. That means that the blade is one solid piece of steel from the tip all the way through to the handle.

Putting the Creed to Work

The blade shape is truly adept for chopping, thrusting, slashing or stabbing. The broad edge even lends itself easily to wood work for those times that you must construct a shelter in the wilderness, or if firewood is needing to be cut down to size. For a heavy looking knife, the blade is actually well balanced with the help of a heavy pommel. The blade has a satin finish and is constructed from AUS 8. This is very similar to 440C stainless steel. The blade is a 1/4 inch thick and 7 1/2 inches long. The overall length of the knife is slightly over 12 inches. Weighing in at 12.8 ounces, the Bowie-style blade has a wide belly that provides decent weight and cutting power. A truly jaw dropping knife when held.

SOG Creed Cutting Rope

Looking at Some of the Design Elements

The handle of the knife is made from Kraton rubber with four finger grooves that provide a superior grip. The over mold features very convenient raised cross hatches as a pattern over the sides of the handle, with a raised lateral pattern on the top and bottom. This really helps to maximize the secure grip. The butt of the handle is very solid with a stainless steel pommel to complement the handsome cross guard. The cross guard itself is not only capable of protecting your hand in a fight but it also keeps your hand away from the blade. The pommel is sincerely strong and fastened to the tang. You can use it to smash, break or crack open a variety of items whenever you have the need to, and the screw fastener that secures the pommel to the tang is beautifully designed to resemble a bullet primer!

A Knife Without a Sheath is Like A…

The sheath is fabricated from high quality black leather that exudes craftsmanship with stitches and rivets that ensure durability. The blade is designed to stay secure in the sheath with the aid of a retention strap that is notched, which secures across the blades guard. When buttoned, the notches guide the guard into them to further support the blade inside the sheath. There is also an optional nylon lanyard. It should be noted that the thickness of this knife required the sheath to be cut a bit thicker for the opening to accommodate the thick belly of the blade. This permits for a bit of loose movement in the sheath that might allow for the knife to shift around and potentially come out of the sheath, even when the strap has been correctly secured. Even though the potential for this to occur is small, it is something that you should be aware of possibly happening. Losing your knife in the woods is not an experience to look forward to. There is a lanyard hole to aid in securing the sheath to your thigh and a decent size loop at the top to accept belts as wide as 2 1/2 inches.

Some SOG GearSOG is known worldwide for performance, style, dependability and has won awards for many of their products. Law enforcement and military personnel have long commented on the flawless performance of SOG craftsmanship in the toughest of conditions. The engineering behind the blade relies upon a cryogenic heat treatment that increases the strength and wear-resistance of the blade on an atomic level. This also increases the longevity of the blade’s sharpness, and significantly decreases the potential for edge-chipping or micro-fractures to occur. In fact, users of this knife have reported that even after having used this knife to cut down a birch sapling, the blade was undamaged!

Other Highlights Worth Mentioning

This knife is designed with a clip point. This means the spine side of the knife is clipped away to form a tip that is better for piercing, as compared to many drop point blades. The SOG Creed has a straight clip point design which is stronger than that of a concave clip point by comparison. You will have no problem using this knife for batoning as it will easily split wood. Some people might be taken aback at the average price of $150 that this knife will run. However, the majority of the owners of this knife compliment the toughness and longevity of the blade, and the comfort found in the grip of the handle, all in a well balanced knife that without a doubt can hold its edge. The blade is so thick and strong that if you turned it over, you could easily use the spine of the blade to hammer in nails. The massively powerful appearance of this knife is paired with the clean, minimalist aesthetics of two white bands at the top and bottom section of the handle.

SOG Specialty Knives was founded by Spencer Frazer in 1986. His intent was to produce knives that were of a quality level reminiscent of the unique combat knives carried by a specific US special ops unit during the Vietnam War; the Military Assistance Command Vietnam – Studies and Observations Group.

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