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Gerber 22-41121 Prodigy Serrated Survival Knife Review

Gerber Prodigy IIGerber is an American brand that has been manufacturing quality cutlery and knives since the 1930’s. Soldiers in World War II depended on Gerber’s unstoppable blades on the front lines. They stand behind their quality products and offer a well respected Limited Lifetime Warranty.

One of the nicest features of that warranty is if the knife should fail while operating under standard use it will be serviced or repaired to original quality. At their discretion any defective product will be replaced or substituted with a product of equal value as well. This is standard for all quality knives, but you can be sure if you buy Gerber you’re getting more than your dollar’s value.

The Gerber 22-41121 Prodigy Survival Knife is constructed to be very strong and extremely durable. It is forged out of 420HC stainless steel, with a full tang blade. From the base of the handle to tip of the blade, it is a unified piece with no welding. It is well known to many knife aficionados around the nation, and it is among the highest rated, most economically priced American-made survival knives available on the market today. The Gerber Prodigy Survival Knife has a pitch black oxide finish over the entire blade. This oxide finish feature aids in the knife being highly resistant to corrosion, and it also greatly reduces the chance of having the blade become seen by reflected light. The Prodigy’s handle is affixed by a fused seam bond with each half of the handle adhered onto each side of the knife. Unlike many other knives you might own which might be lock blades or that are not of a full tang construction, the Gerber 22-41121 Prodigy Survival Knife is constructed to be nearly impossible to break at the meeting of the blade to the handle because of its single piece design.

This survival knife’s handle features a very nice tactile feel, with a densely textured pattern of raised discs, and a rubbery high friction material, all molded into a softly curved shape that is weather-proof and intended to ensure a nice, comfortable, yet secure grip, in any weather situation. No need to worry about this knife slipping out of your grip during a rough rainstorm. The knife weight distribution is very well balanced without a heavy feeling to its solid construction. The Prodigy knife’s sheath also features a friction-release thumb lock. Those who are familiar with the myriad of survival knives available might notice that the Gerber 22-41121 Prodigy Survival Knife design is modeled off of the award winning LMF knife, which is also made by Gerber, and some owners of the Prodigy Survival Knife think of it as basically a smaller version of that knife. This sheath is modular lightweight load carrying equipment (M.O.L.L.E) compatible and also compliant with MIRS.

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The Gerber Prodigy was designed to military specifications, so that means that it can be used with confidence by anyone in the military. It is whisper quiet when it is taken out of its sheath. This is due to the secure grasp you can get on the handle, which is black and molded with the TacHide detailed coating design. The matte finish black coating on the blade is durable and precisely applied and makes the overall knife highly non-reflective in the light for those times that may require the owner to remain camouflaged. The blade combines a sharp tip, a smoothly modeled cutting edge, and a serrated section in perfect proportions along its compact length. The variance in the size pattern of the serrated edge can make quick and easy work of cutting some rope, or a few small branches, or even when you have a need to trim some wire. There are solidly attached strap loops on the sheath for conveniently connecting to your leg, arm, or at any other point on your body that you require, so it’s completely suited to any situation. The sheath is commented on as having a snug fit with the knife, negating the need for additional straps for retention. There is one legstrap provided with the knife along with an assortment of additional attachment straps.

This highly recommended knife is great and ready to use right out of the box, sharp, comfortable and balanced. There is even a small window punch designed into the bottom of the handle on the pommel, so it can be attached to almost any retaining device.

There are a few users who have commented on how the Prodigy Survival Knife does not come with a sharpening stone built into the sheath. It is also said that there are some buyer’s who have noticed mixed results with the stated source of the steel. There are some reviews online that state the metal as being Sandvik 12C27 steel, while others list it simply as 420HC stainless steel. This is because of a slight different in the model numbers, for the same knife. If you look closely, the 420HC stainless steel construction is on the model number 22-41121 and is displayed in a clam-shell package, where the Sandvik 12C27 steel can be found on the model 22-01121, which is packaged in a box. Otherwise, they are the same knife and the knife itself is made in the USA. The sheath itself is a hard sheath, with a ballistic nylon belt loop and straps which is produced in China.

Prodigy II with Sheath Front

The Gerber 22-41121 Prodigy Survival Knife has an overall length measuring 9.75 inches. The blade itself comes in at 4.75 inches, with a handle measuring 5 inches, and it is a very comfortable weight at only 7.20 ounces. The size of the knife makes for nice pocket portability without the need to have a pack to stuff it into. Some buyers state that they enjoy using the blade for the preparing of wild game. Others find it useful in situations arise that need a blade with the capability of digging as well as prying. It is widely thought of as a very reliable and extremely affordable survival knife, coming in at under $50 at most locations and includes the Gerber lifetime warranty.

Survival knives are definitely not all the same when it comes to quality and functionality. Whether you need to have a quality, dependable survival knife available for use during an outdoors excursion, such as camping or hiking, or if you simply prefer to have one on hand in the event that it is needed for tactical use, a survival knife has many varied uses. When it comes down to browsing through the almost countless survival knives that are on the market today, you won’t have to look very far to see that many people are commenting with praise about the Gerber Prodigy Survival Knife.

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