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Crucial Outdoor Survival Tips That Could Save Your Life

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Survival tips are a simple necessity that only come in handy when you find yourself in emergency situations. What would you do if suddenly you were cut off from communication and had only nature to support yourself. That’s why these survival tips should not be ignored and are usually only practiced by avid preppers. When you least expect it you will be in a situation that is a fight for life and death. Don’t take these warnings lightly. Do not venture out far from civilation without at least a basic knowledge on how to survive in an emergency! There are countless stories of people who are out enjoying nature one moment when things suddenly took a turn for the worst leaving them fighting for survival. Remember, there have been quit a few people who barely made it through or did not survive at all.

There are no exceptions in nature, it can turn its ugly head and put you in an emergency situation. We all should remember the couple Rita and Albert Chretian that survived 7 weeks in the wilderness because their vehicle was stuck. Rita was so frail and barely moving when the rescue team found her. No one would ever think that driving along a road would cost you your life or leave you bareley hanging on. The sobering fact of the story is the thought of what would have happened if she was not found. She did not have knowledge of survival tips.

Another mishap took place with a man who was a deer hunter named Gene Penaflor. He survived for 19 days after getting lost in a forest. He fell into a crevice and ended up separated from his partner and ended up lost, with little supplies if any. However, he was knowledgeable in survival tips. Gene covered himself in leaves to insulate his body and stayed under leaves to help warm his body.

For these reasons, we will discuss some basic survival tips for you to learn in case you find yourself lost in the woods.

Knife in Wood Outdoors

Have the Right Gear

Above all, having about 10 pieces of essential gear will be your biggest ally for surviving outdoors. Items like a map to navigate when needed, a survival knife for many purposes, a compass to guide you in any direction, cell phones, flares, flashlight, batteries, radio, and if possible, a satellite phone. A first aid kit with medicine for bug bites, snack bites, bear repellant spray etc. Matches and or lighter. I suggest bringing a few lighters, matches can get wet or torn. Wear and bring clothes for a mixture of weather. For instance, rain, snow, depending where you are sand storms, and hot and cold weather.

Let people know where you are going and when you plan to be back
If you do not make it back on the scheduled day and time, people will be able to get help and start a search party. If no one knows where you are going, when you plan to go, and when you will be back you could be stuck fighting for your life with no chance of a rescue. Remember, If no one knows to look for you your survival rate is very low.

Be Aware of Animal Interactions

If you walk into the area of a baby bear, back away slowly and calmly. If you wind up interacting with the mother bear DO NOT RUN, or MAKE SUDDEN MOVEMENTS! DO NOT CLIMB TREES, or hide in your camp area. The bear will chase you up the tree and/or look for you in your camping area. If you can, spray the bear repellant as a last resort. This is not a guarantee that the bear will turn away.

Bear with Fish in the Wild

If a bear is looking for food in or near your camping area, walk away slowly and let them have the food. However, if the bear attacks, DO NOT MAKE EYE CONTACT! A bear will see this as a threat and charge you instead of trying to scare you.

If it is night time, use a flash light and shine it into the bears eyes. This can provide you a short time to move away from the bear. Again DO NOT RUN, or MAKE SUDDEN MOVEMENTS! DO NOT CLIMB TREES, or hide in your camp area.

If the bear attacks you, use whatever you can to be in between you and the bear and fight back with any object you can find. If it attacks, stay still and calm unless he starts licking you. This will mean the bear plans to eat you, so fight however you can for survival.

Keep your food covered and away from your area. The smell of food will bring hungry animals. Cover the trash and keep it in another area too.

Stay in Open Areas

If you were hurt or lost, the open area can provide a visual for a search party. If possible, start a good heated fire to be a visual for people to see. This also can help to protect you from wild animals if you stay close to the fire and have fire sticks. The sticks with fire at the end can help keep wolves away.

Build a Shelter

Look for anything that you can use to cover and protect yourself. Sticks, mud, and vines can provide shelter. Leaves can be a bedding to help keep your temperature normal.

Look for Water, If Needed

Water can be found in the mist found on plants. Another tip for finding water is to go downhill, since water will almost always take the path of least resistance. It tends to run between hills, valleys and crevices. Smaller streams also tend to run towards larger collections of water.

Look for Food

You can eat berries, if you’re sure they are safe. If there is water nearby look for fish. You can use your survival knife or a stick to dagger through them or try to catch one.

Bonus Tip for a Sinking Boat:

If possible, gather food, water, flashlights, batteries, flares, 2 way CB, first aid kit, matches or lighters, sunscreen, and a life raft. If you only have a raft, try to catch the sea creatures for food and try to stay out of the sun. If or when you see another boat, shoot the flare.

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