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Buck 110BRS Hunting Folding Knife Review

Folding knives vary greatly in size, quality, and use so it obviously pays to have a fair idea of what you’re going to be purchasing it for before you begin your search. Buck has a long tradition of high quality and very dependable manufacturing with solid construction that you can feelfrom the handle to the tip. 

The 110BRS Hunting Folding Knife by Buck is made with brass accents, a classic wood-grain handle and includes a heavy-duty sheath in black leather. It is manufactured right in the USA with a weight of only 7.2 ounces. The blade is 420HC stainless steel with a blade length of three and three-fourths inches, with a notch that is intended for using your fingernail in to open the blade. The entire knife measures at only four and seven-eighths inches when closed, so it is great for use in your pocket or secured in your sheath.


A foldable hunting knife from Buck is great to have on hand. The Buck 110 Foldable Hunting Knife in particular gets its material strength from 420 High Carbon stainless steel. Since its initial release on the market, nearly 14 million of the 110 have been purchased and their popularity is rising. Buck knives are favored also because they offer an unconditional lifetime warranty, so their quality and construction will easily be worth every dollar you spend.

What struck me was how simple knife is very easy to sharpen and tends to keep its razor-sharp edge for a long time. This knife definitely has more weight than one would expect when you first grasp it which is an obvious sign of quality craftsmanship. It is a great choice for any hunting, camping or fishing getaway, and an excellent asset for those unplanned outdoor situations.

Originally, it was manufactured as Buck’s very first folding lock-blade knife, geared towards those who enjoy hunting. It has been a favorite of knife enthusiasts since 1962. Knives up until then could open and close, but they could not be locked into an open position. Buck revolutionized pocket knives by making this a feature. A lock blade will not accidentally flick closed while using which means your fingers and any body part nearby are protected. It is locked into its open position that requires a manual push button release control for it to close. However, because the lock-blade from Buck has become so popular, it has spawned countless imitations and look-a-likes of this design.

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So who is this knife particularly marketed to? In particular, it was popularized and is loved by the hunting and fishing communities. However, it is also marketed for use as an everyday knife. The blade is a straight edge with no serrations and comes out of the box sharp as soon as you open it. The handle is made from Dymondwood, a process where resin coated layers of stained hardwoods are pressed together. This produces a very strong bonded handle that nevertheless features a natural wood grain finish, and it is easy to hold on to even when completely wet. The handle is nicely finished off with a brass bolster, rivets and an interior liner. The blade is a clip point, which is designed to maximize the depth and the speed in which punctures are made with this style of blade.

Many owners of the Buck Foldable Hunting Knife have commented on how they have owned the knife for over 10 years, or that they inherited their knife from a grandfather or their father.

Here you can find countless people talking about their loyalty for Buck knives dating back 3 decades.

You can expect it to keep its quality over several years and down through generations. Many owners of this knife have found that the blade does not require a lot of oiling to keep rust at bay, as compared to some of the copycat blades. A lot of people who own the Buck 110 have also mentioned having the foldable hunting knife as an heirloom, fully intending to pass it down to their children due to the renowned lifetime warranty, the beauty in the simplicity of its design and its solid construction.

They make for great gifts with their wood handle and metal accents, even non-enthusiast would love receiving them and even look great when they’re engraved with a custom message. Whenever you want to give a gift of quality, give a well made dependable knife. I’ve found that women love the Buck brand just as much as men most likely for the same reason, look and feel. Dependability has never been an issue. That rope that needs to be cut, a box opened on the spot, or even to skin your next small animal your Buck will stay sharp long after.

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Remember to make sure you get genuine Buck brand, and avoid poor imitation knock-offs that try and pass themselves off as the original. The price might seem unbeatable but the handling will definitely show. You can usually be purchase and genuine Buck 110 Folding Hunting Knife for under $45.00 either online. Just make sure you take care of it once you become the proud owner. Engaging in knife throwing, mini sword fights, or becoming a ninja will likely void your lifetime warranty. When the need for a folding knife with a quality reputation arises, a lock-blade from Buck is a great answer.

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