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Benchmade Mini Griptilian Combo Pocket Knife Review

Benchmade is often revered for its great quality knives at affordable prices. One of the most popular styles has been the Benchmade Pardue Design Mini-Griptilian Combo Edge Knife.

With combo knives, you never can be quite sure what you’re going to get. There are plenty of poorly crafted blades that just don’t meet that quality standards you would expect out of your EDC knife. However my experience with the Benchmade Pardue Design Mini-Griptilian Combo Edge Knife was extremely positive, and I’m grateful that I found this knife. It made me wonder why I didn’t have a knife like this beforehand. It’s made everyday and emergency utility tasks very easy.

Benchmade Mini Griptilian

This particular combo edge knife has an incredible design and features a satin finish blade and black handle. The black handle with the steel blade is actually quite sleek and yet tough for all of the action that’s been thrown at it. The knife opens smooth with a thumb stud opener that works for both left-handed and right-handed individuals. It also features an AXIS locking mechanism that keeps the blade where you want it at all times.

When you first hold the Mini-griptilian knife, you’ll notice that it has a lot of durability but it’s lightweight. The 154-cm blade is made of stainless steel, and double 140 liners add significant tenacity to the knife handle. The blade also has a nice style with a modified drop-point design. Not only does this deliver the best in performance every time, but it also doesn’t have any resistance when you unlock the knife.

This combo edge knife also proves that it’s best to own a knife that can do push cuts, clean cuts, accurate cuts and slicing cuts. When you have a variety of different tasks or emergencies, even when the knife hasn’t been sharpened, you can still use the serrated edge to easily get through twine, rope or canvas. Many emergency workers carry the Benchmade Mini-griptilian because it’s so lightweight and easily slips into the pocket while also being able to cut through seat belts, clothing and other materials. It’s the best utility knife for an everyday carry situation.

The knife is really good for all-around use, but if you plan on using it for whittling or something that needs a razor polished edge on both sides, it may not be the best knife. It’s also probably not the best tactical blade because it is built for utility and doesn’t have any real tactical design features. However when polishing this knife with a 1200 grit diamond stone, it becomes extremely sharp and ready for any kind of action. I found that the blade is very hard to wear down even with daily use. It was exactly what I needed for push cuts. When I needed to get through hard or fibrous material, I had the serrated edge as well.


The Benchmade Pardue Design Mini-griptilian handled just about everything that was thrown at it. Both edges were equally used to cut through canvas, strap down belts, rope and other materials. It was also used to pry open metal objects and even cut small pieces of wood.

When I first opened the box, the knife wasn’t quite as sharp as I like it to be. It was still quite sharp enough to cut through tough rope, but I needed to use my diamond stone to make it sharper. After that, it quickly became my most favorite knife that I carry everywhere.

After using the knife every day, it does show some signs of wear, but that’s to be expected and even appreciated when a knife is getting a lot of use. The black design really covers a lot of the grime as well. The AXIS locking system is probably the best part about this knife because you can use it in either hand. This is something that other combo edge knives really haven’t explored, and it’s a shame because as the Benchmade Mini-griptilian Combo Edge Knife shows, it places the user at a real advantage in any situation.

The solid construction of this combo edge knife has really made it strong. When used to cut through heavy tarp, it was extremely easy and had barely any resistance even though it hadn’t been sharpened in some time. When both edges have been sharpened, the knife is a dream to work with. Any type of utility work just became like slicing butter, and tasks were quickly completed.

For under $90, you really can’t beat this deal. The steel of the blade has outstanding quality for this price. Made in the US, the blade and handle provide a secure in-hand feeling that won’t slip. Working outside in the hot sun, the knife was easy to grip and didn’t slip even once. If you need a EDC knife that has a lot of durability, this is definitely the right choice. The blade length is just shy of 3 inches, which makes it perfect for EDC. You can carry it almost anywhere as well because it’s small enough to fit in your pocket.

The knife never locked up even after frequent folding and opening. The AXIS locking mechanism really is one of the best features in my opinion. It’s better than even Kershaw or Spyderco combo edge knives that stuck sometimes. The Benchmade Mini-griptilian knife never stuck.

The ComboEdge is offered on the Benchmade Griptilian Tanto as well. This alternative to the mini is also a great choice. Benchmade knives are hard to ignore when just about every knife site out there rates their quality at 5/5 stars and the Tanto is no different.

Benchmade Pardue Design Griptilian Olive Handle **  Click Here for Pricing and Reviews on

While this was my first Benchmade knife, I think that based on my use of the Mini-griptilian combo edge knife, the company obviously knows how to create an incredibly utility knife. Many of the other reviews that I read before trying out this knife mentioned that it was used every day and continued to outlast even newer knives that they had bought. I truly hope that I never lose this knife as it would be devastating for all the tasks that I need it for, but because it doesn’t have such a huge price tag, it’s also easily replaced.


In conclusion, the Benchmade Pardue Design Mini-griptilian Combo Knife is possibly the best knife in my collection. I’ve used it every day for a variety of cutting tasks, and it hasn’t failed me once. The ambidextrous locking design, 2.9-inch drop point blade and non-slip grip have made it so comfortable to use. For a combo edge knife, it provides all the utility I need for type of task. It fits easily in the hand and allows for effortless control. If you are in need of a knife that can do every kind of cut whether used for push cuts, slice cuts or accuracy cuts. While its design isn’t made for tactical use, Benchmade made this combo edge knife easy to handle and go with you anywhere. No matter what the task or emergency, I have been able to depend on this knife day in and day out. I’m looking forward to purchasing my next knife by Benchmade if this is the kind of quality the company can deliver.

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